Keep necklaces tangle free at home or on the go
Necklace Saver in Jewelry Box

A portion of every sale is donated to orphanages around the world! Your purchase of The Necklace Saver® will help to improve the lives of orphaned and abandoned children worldwide. Current beneficiaries include Terchoonian Home and Diramayr Hayastani Center, both located in my motherland, Armenia.

Please email us your suggestions for additional orphanages that we can help.

Orphanages Necklace Saver

At Armenicus Life™, we are dedicated to "Bringing Simplicity to Life™". Our mission is to provide simple, original and functional solutions for life's little nuisances that eat into your time – solutions that are pleasing to your senses and help you stay organized and fashion-forward, effortlessly.

Our first product is the Necklace Saver®, a patent pending invention that keeps your necklaces tangle free – at home or on the go!

A Message From the Inventor,
Anna Kazanchyan, MD

Necklace Saver Inventor Anna Kazanchyan

Our lives are full of twists and turns, and this is what makes it both fun and challenging. I left my motherland, Armenia, in 1989, while it was in a state of turmoil, and arrived in the United States with nothing more than a dogged determination to achieve the American Dream. There were many challenges along the way: learning to speak English and working odd jobs for long hours to support myself while attending school. My dream became a reality six years later, when I graduated from Harvard Medical School and started a career on Wall Street. Currently, together with my best friend and business partner, Dr. Shalini Cornelio, we provide strategic advisory services to healthcare investors and CEOs of global biopharmaceutical companies.

So yes, twists and turns in life can be fun and rewarding. But twisted jewelry is not fun - we all know how frustrating it is to deal with tangled necklaces! I love to wear necklaces that I design and often travel with my entire collection. That is why I had to solve the challenge of tangled necklaces!

My many attempts at keeping my necklaces tangle-free while at home or on the go – pouches, boxes, wrapping each necklace in a paper towel – were not successful. My necklaces either got hopelessly tangled into what looked like a Gordian knot, or my jewelry boxes filled half the suitcase. In addition, it took me forever to open each box to find the necklace I wanted.

I knew there had to be a better way! This is when the patent-pending Necklace Saver® was 'born' – a simple, elegant and affordable solution that keeps your necklaces tangle-free – at home, or on the go! And it is transparent, too – so you don't need to unwrap each necklace or open each box; finding the necklace you want in a hurry is now a breeze!

Enjoy the Necklace Saver®!


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